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Google Apps at RIT

Terms of Service

Google Apps at RIT is provided solely for student use. It is not available to RIT faculty, staff, alumni, or retirees. RIT student employees should use a separate RIT e-mail account obtained through their employing department for all work-related communications.

Google Apps at RIT provides you with a convenient array of tools enabling you to communicate and share information. All users are expected to use the provided services responsibly and in accordance with the RIT Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use (C8.2) ( and RIT Security Standards (

Additionally, by using Google Apps at RIT, you agree to comply with applicable Google Terms of Service:

Privacy and Confidentiality of Information

All Google services are administered offsite on Google-owned servers, and information used within Google Apps at RIT will reside on an off-site (not at RIT) Google-owned server. Therefore, it is important that you avoid transmission or storage of RIT Confidential or Private information in Gmail or other Google Apps. (Confidential information includes information that is accessed or communicated on a need to know basis because of legal, contractual, ethical, or other constraints. Private information is information that could be used in identity theft, including Social Security Numbers, Credit Card numbers, etc. Refer to the RIT Information Access and Protection Standard ( for complete definitions of these terms and more information.)

By using Google Apps at RIT, I understand and consent to the above Terms of Service.

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