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G Suite at RIT Frequently Asked Questions


How do I log into my G Suite at RIT account?
To log into your G Suite at RIT account, visit On the sidebar, there are a list of G Suite at RIT services. Click on the service you'd like to use, and you will be prompted to enter in your RIT Computer Account username and password.

What's is the domain that RIT has set up with Google. Your username appears when you're logged into your G Suite at RIT account through the web, and it also is part of the username you will use for all non-web access (IMAP, POP, Google Talk, etc.). While this does also work as an e-mail address, your official RIT e-mail address remains We suggest that for correspondence, you provide your official address.

What if I already have a personal Google/Gmail account?
Your G Suite at RIT account is a completely separate account, and is not at all associated with your personal Gmail account.

What web browsers can I use with G Suite at RIT?
ITS is aware of an issue with Internet Explorer 7 and 8 that may prevent access to G Suite at RIT. As a workaround, many people have had success with un-checking the "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" setting in the Internet Explorer Advanced Settings window (see screenshot below).

Internet Explorer Settings

Google has phased out support for Internet Explorer 6. For additional information on browser support for G Suite, visit

Can I log on to other Google-sponsored services with my G Suite at RIT account? (e.g. Blogger,, etc.)
When you log in with your RIT Computer Account, you will only be able to access the specific Google services that are enabled within the RIT domain. To access other Google services, you will need to create a separate personal Google account.

What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your RIT Computer Account password, you can visit and click on the "forgotten password" link on the sidebar. If you forget your Google password, visit and click on the "mail preferences" link on the sidebar. Log in with your RIT Computer Account. On the next screen, you'll see a place where you can reset your Google password. Additionally, you can contact the ITS HelpDesk by phone to get either password reset.

Is Google Sync enabled for G Suite at RIT accounts?
Yes, Google Sync is enabled. For Microsoft Outlook users, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook is also available.

Email Access

Do I have to check my mail on the web, or can I use email software on my computer?
You can connect to your RIT Gmail account using several different software packages (view a list of supported email software here: Visit our help page for information on how to enable IMAP/POP access and set up your e-mail software.

Why do I need a separate password for IMAP/POP/Mobile access?
When you access G Suite through a web browser, you log in using your RIT Computer Account username and password. That password is not transmitted to Google - the authentication takes place on RIT's servers. However, if you would like to access your account using desktop or mobile email software (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or on an iPhone or BlackBerry), you will need to use a separate password that will be transmitted to Google for authentication. For security reasons, ITS strongly recommends that you do not set your G Suite password to the same thing as your RIT Computer Account password.

What does it mean when I'm receiving an error that says, "Web Login Required"?
This error is caused by email software making IMAP connections to the server too frequently. Google recommends that you set your software to check for new mail every 10 minutes (though lower values may work). You are more likely to see this problem if you have more than one client connecting to the server - for example, if you have Outlook and an iPhone connecting to your account via IMAP.

Faculty/Staff Questions

Is G Suite at RIT (including RIT Gmail) available for faculty or staff?
Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets, and Slides) is available for RIT faculty and staff. To opt into this service, visit and click on the "G Suite at RIT" link on the sidebar.

Remaining G Suite Apps, such as Gmail and Calendar, are only available for RIT students and alumni.

Will I still be able to look up student email addresses?
Yes, student names and email addresses will still appear in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL) accessible through your e-mail software, and online at

Mail Forwarding

Can I still forward my RIT email to my personal account?
Yes, you still have the option to forward your mail to a different account. You can do this through the mail preferences at

I can forward my email from OR from within the settings of my RIT Gmail account. Which way am I supposed to do it?
If you would like to forward your mail, ITS recommends that you do it through The forwarding option from the settings page of your RIT Gmail account is managed by RIT's account management system. Forwarding changes made there (instead of at could be overwritten under certain circumstances.

Privacy and Security

What is Google doing with my email?
ITS encourages you to review the Gmail Privacy Notice, as it should answer many of your privacy-related questions.

Does Google know my RIT Computer Account password?
No. When you log in at, authentication happens on RIT's servers, and your computer account password is not sent to Google. If you want to use IMAP/POP access, you will need to set a separate Google password that will be sent to Google. For this reason, we recommend that you make your Google password different from your RIT computer account password.

Does my RIT Gmail account display advertisements, like my personal Gmail account?
No, ads are disabled for RIT Gmail accounts.