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G Suite at RIT

G Suite at RIT Username and Password

To log into your G Suite at RIT account through the web, all you will need is your RIT Computer Account username and password. If you only ever plan to access your account from a web browser, the remaining information on this page does not apply to you.

If you want to access your account through anything other than a web browser (e-mail software, desktop calendaring software, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.), you will need to log in using a different username and password. See the information below for additional detail.

Google Username

When logging into your G Suite at RIT account from anything other than a web browser, you will need to enter in your G Suite username, which looks like [RIT username] For example, if your RIT username is abc1234, you would enter as your username. (See our FAQ: What's

Google Password

When you log in through the web, you are authenticating against RIT servers, and your password is not sent to Google. However, the mechanism we use to do this only works for the web. So if you access your account through any other means, you will need to set your Google password. To set this password, visit and click on the "Mail Preferences" link on the sidebar. If your mail is set to go to RIT Gmail, you should see a section on the page labeled "Google Password." Enter a password here, then click the "Change my Email Settings" button at the bottom to set your password. For security reasons, ITS strongly suggests that you set your Google password to something different from your RIT computer account password.

Click here for RIT Gmail IMAP/POP setup instructions.